Get the best brisket.

I’ll confess I never enjoyed smoked brisket until I tried it at Cattleack Barbecue. After that experience, I decided that if a barbecue restaurant doesn’t offer a choice between fatty or lean, they’re not a top tier BBQ spot, and that when offered a choice, you should always choose fatty.

I’ve since been proven wrong about both points, so I circled around with Todd David, the pitmaster of Cattleack Barbecue, who owns the local spot with his wife Misti. I wanted to know why fatty brisket (sometimes called moist or wet) is so incredibly delicious.

“Yes I believe that fat is flavor when mixed in meat in the form of marbling but not in the form of just hunks of fat,” David said. The key, he told me, is using the highest quality meat. That’s why he says he only uses Heartbrand Akaushi Wagyu at Cattleack. “I prefer Akaushi…for the integration of the full marbling throughout the genes of the animal and visible no matter where you cut into the meat. That buttery flavor continues in every bite.”

Cattleack Barbecue, the #6 Barbecue Restaurant in Texas according to Texas Monthly.Kristina Rowe

“So while I love that flavor, there are many times where fatty brisket is overkill,” David said. “It’s still a personal preference for all. It’s all about how great of an experience can you have and can we make your day for you.” Well said, Todd David. Your sumptuous brisket does indeed make my day.

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