#1. Cattleack Barbecue

13628 Gamma Road, Farmers Branch, Texas

If you’re looking for some incredible award-winning barbecue and sides, then I consider Cattleack to have some of the BEST in TEXAS, and for sure in the USA. I have two favorite items that I absolutely love. The Big Beef Ribs (which look like dinosaur-sized ribs) are packed with flavor and caked with an amazing bark. Oh boy. They also the Akaushi Pastrami Burnt Ends, OMG these little bite-sized things will send your mouth to the flavor rodeo. They are for sure amazing. I went back three times to get more. Even then I couldn’t get enough. I wanted to steal the whole pan of these delicious bites like a thief in the night! Be prepared to stand in line at Cattleack. #DallasDeliciousness

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