We first ranked the 100 best restaurants in Dallas in 2011. Since then, the scene has changed so rapidly that it’s required us update it every three months. Which is what we’re now doing.

You’ll find a crop of newcomers as well as old faithfuls. A few gaps may surprise you. If the leading chef has left recently, a restaurant won’t be on the list until we’ve had a chance to revisit. The list is a living document. So restaurants will cycle on, others off, while we keep the pulse. We’ll update routinely. And if you dine somewhere and love it—or hate it—let us know; we’ll check it out. Check back frequently. Dine often and dine well. (Last updated in March of 2018—next update will be in June.)

#15 – Cattleack Barbecue

The once tiny catering company has expanded into the space next door. Now loyalists have plenty of room to sit and chow down on marvelous moist brisket with a black peppercorn bark, pulled pork, and beef and pork ribs. And save room for the outstanding Crack Cake.

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