Smoky brisket, breakfast tacos, chile con carne, and 200,000 square miles of belt-busting beauty!


Cattleack BBQ

Beef ribs
 Cattlelack BBQ

WHAT: Whole-hog barbecue done the old-fashioned way. WHY: Todd David at Cattleack is the only pitmaster in Texas serving whole-hog barbecue on a regular schedule, and that’s still just on the first Saturday of every month. Every other day it’s open, you’ll have to settle for some of Texas’s best brisket, house-made sausages (get the green chile and cheese), and maybe the best spare ribs in the state. More impressive is how consistently David produces it. Between the weather, wood, and meat, there are plenty of variables to deal with when cooking in an offset smoker, but Cattleack’s barbecue never seems to suffer. — D.V.

13628 Gamma Road
Dallas, TX
(972) 805-0999 |

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