Dallas is definitely home to a wide variety of delicious dishes, but some look much more decadent than others. From over-the-top barbecue sandwiches to perfectly-steamed buns stuffed with fried chicken, burger patties, and more, these five dishes seriously took the cake in 2017.

The Toddfather, Cattleack Barbeque

Kathy Tran

Arguably the meatiest sandwich in Dallas, the Toddfather takes its name from Cattleack founder Todd David. For this meaty masterpiece, a Village Bakery bun is slathered in sauce, topped with a housemade hot link, brisket, pulled pork, and a scoop of coleslaw. It’s probably not good for the arteries, but the Toddfather is the definition of an iconic Dallas dish.

All Koji Everything

Koji fried chicken at Nikkei
 Kathy Tran

At Junction Craft Kitchen, Chef Joshua Harmon is growing his own koji, a fuzzy white fungus that’s used to add depth and funk to everything from fried chicken to perfectly-seared steaks. At Japanese spot Nikkei, koji is mixed into the breading for the restaurant’s fried chicken, which results in an even juicier bite than the usual fried bird. Even just used to culture butter, this uber-trendy fungus has brought a ton of flavor to Dallas in 2017.

Angry Bird Bao, Sumo Shack

Kathy Tran

A perfect late-night stoner food, Sumo Shack’s Angry Bird bao brings together Nashville-style hot chicken and a classic steamed bun. Crispy fried chicken is tossed in a spicy sauce, then tucked into a pillowy bun before being doused in melty, creamy cheese sauce. Best news of all? It’s available until 4 a.m. on the weekends.

Pizza Cruffins, Bisous Bisous Patisserie

Kathy Tran

They’re only available every once in a while, but the cheesy, sausage-stuffed pizza cruffins at Bisous Bisous Patisserie are delicious enough to be eaten every single day. Perfectly flaky dough is rolled with Luscher’s spicy italian sausage, pizza sauce, pepperoni, and a ton of cheese for a savory take on this trendy treat.

Kimchi Queso, Chicken Moto

Kathy Tran

Chef Sandy Bussey has created the perfect blend of funky, cheesy, spicy, and totally addictive in the kimchi queso at Chicken Moto. Whether served as a foil to curry-ranch french fries or crispy fried chicken skins, this dip blends together two of Dallas’ strongest cuisine scenes (Korean and Tex-Mex) in the most delicious way possible.

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