In Farmers Branch, beloved barbecue joint Cattleack takes DFW’s obsession with smoked meats to an entirely new level with its most popular sandwich, The Toddfather.

Created by (and named after) owner Todd David, The Toddfather is arguably the meatiest sandwich in Dallas thanks to generous servings of pulled pork, thickly-sliced brisket and a spicy hot link, sliced in half. Housemade sauce, which boasts a vinegary kick that reflects David’s St. Louis history, mingles with tangy coleslaw and freshly-baked breads to produce a truly transcendent sandwich experience.

Weighing in at $12.99, the Toddfather’s hefty price tag doesn’t seem to scare Cattleack’s dedicated enthusiasts away. Here, the meats are first-come, first-serve, and the lines frequently snake around the entire restaurant. Considering that The Toddfather is composed of three of Cattleack’s most popular proteins, its best to arrive early in order to avoid hearing the two ugliest words imaginable at a barbecue joint: sold out.

Piled high with brisket that takes 12-18 hours to smoke, and a pulled pork so tender the bone slides out clean, it’s a reigning lunch king. Take a look at the making of this epic sandwich, courtesy of Eater photographer Kathy Tran.

A sturdy, spongy bun, procured from Dallas’ own Village Bakery, is cut in half and slathered with David’s special barbecue sauce on both sides.

The housemade hot link sausage is sliced lengthwise, then piled atop the bun.

Next comes a hefty pile of brisket, sliced to order.

Then, it’s time for an equally massive helping of pulled pork.

Once the meats are perfectly arranged on the bun, a scoop of tangy coleslaw goes on next. The vinegary dressing adds kick, and ensures that napkins are totally necessary.

Behold: the beautiful, meaty glory of The Toddfather.

Try not to weep.

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