When eating BBQ at restaurants, I tend to stick with the Texas Trinity (brisket, ribs and sausage) as I like the variety to fully appreciate the pitmaster’s skills, but a visit to Big O’s BBQ in Valera, TX made me fall in love with the BBQ Sandwich all over again. My brothers and I were coming back from hunting when we approached Big O’s. I had just eaten breakfast and wasn’t hungry, but can never pass up the opportunity to try a new BBQ spot. Since the trinity wasn’t an option (I wasn’t hungry enough) I opted for their Valera Style Sandwich which included brisket, grilled onions and jalapenos on a hoagie roll. One bite and I was in love and tweeted out I might have had the best BBQ sandwich of 2016 on the second day of January. Opening my mind back up to the Sandwich world I decided to go on a quest locally to find the best BBQ Sandwich in DFW.

1. The Toddfather- Cattleack BBQ, Dallas, TX
This sandwich includes brisket, pulled pork and sausage covered in BBQ sauce on a soft white bun. The sandwich includes a small side of coleslaw giving you the option to add it if you would like. I took the first bite without and loved the sweet sauce paired with the perfectly smoked meat. I then added the slaw to the sandwich and with the added crunch, it put this one over the top for me to make it #1 on my list.

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