I came in this morning and stocked up on the best BBQ there is anywhere!

I want to extend my thanks and compliments on the incredibly smooth operation you are running!
This was only my second visit, and would’ve been back sooner, but my old knees and back really suffered last time with the hour-long line I previously endured.

Anyway, the point is, I want to thank you for your outstanding organization and smooth service this morning!!

Cheers! Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, and thank you for being there for us! – Robert M.

My colleagues asked me to join them for lunch at this hidden gem in Addison’s industrial district. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. He asked me to be there at 10:30am. I thought that was strange. However, the strangest thing was arriving at 10:15am, circling the very small full parking lot until I ended up in the back where a staff member instructed me to park on the street, and walking up to a very long line at the door. I was in pure confusion. What the hell was going on here, and why I was standing in a long line of mostly men at a small tucked away BBQ joint at 10:20 in the morning? The doors opened and we all slowly began to shuffle into this small restaurant, sprinkled with long picnic style common tables. My co-workers arrived and jumped in line. I was then told what all of the fuss was about. “This is hands down the best BBQ in Dallas, possibly TX,” I was told by my co-worker. We stood in line for 1 solid hour. The line inched slowly forward and we finally made it to the front where I was greeted by the owner who dropped a dripping piece of brisket in my hand for me to sample. To my amazement, that small bite was the best brisket I have ever tasted. I had to have more! We each ordered the big plate of three meats that included sausage, brisket and pork rib. We sat down, started grubbing, and suddenly that long wait and all the confusion was drowned out by pure bliss. This truly was the best BBQ I had ever tasted! I wrapped my leftovers up for my husband. He ate them later that evening and he concurred, best BBQ he had ever tasted. If I ever have some free time at 10:00 in the morning on a weekday, I’ll be jumping back in line to chow down on this BBQ again. I’m very pleased with this entire experience, and this is coming from a very impatient and critical foodie! Well done Cattleack! – Ashley M.

BEEF RIBS AND BRISKET! I am still in awe at how amazing and delicious Cattleack was. This is now my favorite and top ranked BBQ spot in Texas after going to many spots including Killen’s and Pecan Lodge. This place is only open on Thursdays, Fridays, and lucky for me, the first Saturday of the month. We got here at 10AM and there was already a huge line wrapped around outside the building. However, the restaurant opened their doors and allowed the line to move indoors and made the wait so much better. The decor inside are cool and entertaining to look at and there is also a TV for college football Saturdays! The line moves pretty slow because they only have one pitmaster cutting the meats and one cashier checking everyone out with a couple of people helping in between. But the long line and wait time are more than worth it all! We ended up ordering one of each of the four sausages (4 links totaled just over a pound), pork ribs, moist brisket (vs. lean), and the giant beef rib. We also ordered single servings of baked beans, mac and cheese, green beans, and grits. I will get straight to the highlight of my meal and the entire trip in Texas! The brisket was the best piece of brisket I have ever had. The meat was so tender that you could cut a piece with your plastic fork and it just melts in your mouth. It was juicy and it had so much flavor from the smoked crust on the outside and the beef flavor in the meat itself. The slices of brisket were also cut perfectly not too thin and perfect amount of fat and lean meat ratio. I thought nothing could top the brisket until I had the beef rib. Each rib is about 1.5 lbs (bone included) and when I had a bite of it, I literally said “WOW!” out loud. The charred crust was amazing and like the brisket, the meat was tender and juicy. There was just so much flavor and while it was also melt in your mouth delicious, the chewiness texture was part of the experience where you could taste every piece of the beef rib. I was speechless at how perfect it was. At the table, there is a huge bottle of their really tasty BBQ sauce and some hot sauces, but the BBQ here is so good you really do not need sauces. There is a wrapping paper station to take home leftovers and with over 6 pounds of food ordered, we had some leftovers. Let me tell you, even microwaved the next day, everything was still amazing! I am just amazed and impressed at how delicious Cattleack is and I am telling everyone that they must make a trip out here. Bring a cooler of drinks and go with some friends because you will move through the line in no time and have some of the best BBQ in your life. – Khoa L.

For the last two weeks, I’ve been in line (sort of towards the front because I knew it was worth getting there early), for the BEST BBQ I’ve ever had in TEXAS. Or anywhere else 🙂 As sensitive as you may be to the people waiting in line, as a customer, I’ve found the folks around me to be fun and haven’t heard a single complaint. Most folks have a story about why they are there, or how they heard about you, or how many times they’ve been there. It’s incredible. The young man in front of me in the line last week was buying BBQ for his dad and brothers in Garland. Why was he there? Because his older brothers didn’t get out of bed but they were texting him like crazy. The folks behind me were a riot. They were from New York, they asked if I had been to Katz’ Deli (yes) and said your Pastrami was better. And they were right!! Lines are wonderful. Embrace them and keep the spirit you have for the place just the way it is! – Susan

Cattlelack BBQ is a great little gem tucked away in a little spot located in Farmers Branch. They are BBQ catering Gods that open 3 days a week for lunch allowing BBQ civilians an opportunity into the den of smoked debauchery!!

We had one of everything available (beef ribs/smoked bologna were sold out) and all of it was amazing! The sausage had a zing of star aniseed that gave it a unique twist.

If you are on death row you must ask for the crack cake with your last meal!! – Nicholas H.

Definitely deserves the hype and praise, and well worth the wait. If you happen to be able to catch one of the times it is open for lunch, you will not be disappointed!

Came here on lunch with my wife and arrived at 1:15… we were in line for the better part of 40 minutes but it was undeniably worth it, and felt like we made friends with the people in line! Everybody there was friendly and excited for some barbecue.- Nick M.

I find it’s always a good sign that a line has formed half an hour before a restaurant opens. They opened a bit early and even though I wasn’t too far back, I probably still took 15 minutes to get up to order. I’m happy to report that it was more than worth the wait – I’m not in any way experienced with Texas BBQ but I don’t think Rudy’s is going to scratch the brisket itch anymore. – Logan M.

All I can say is WOW !! Simply the best bbq I’ve ever tasted… So once we arrived we noticed the place is nicely tucked away in an industrial neighborhood. All I can say is we ordered a lot of food beef rib, pulled pork, sausage, brisket, pork rib, collard greens, mac n cheese, baked beans with burnt brisket ends yummy oh I almost forgot to potato salad. Trust me you won’t be disappointed the owners were extremely friendly very clean place nice environment. BBQ DONE RIGHT !! – Marshall B.

What if I told you I just consumed the best rib, the best brisket, and the best burnt ends I’ve ever had. All on the same trip, on the same day, all on the same plate. This has got to be some sort of a dream I’ve fallen into… – Donald S.

Voted in the Top 50 BBQ joints in Texas, and I certainly can attest to that! Got there about 40 minutes before they opened and was the 15th in line! This place from the outside looks like there is NO way it could break into the Top 50! Your mind will change once you make in the front door! Great country music playing and the smell of meat in the air is wonderful! I had the sliced brisket, jalapeño cheddar sausage and slaw. All of it was unbelievably great! – David R.

Yeah, it’s as good as the hype. The brisket is as good as Franklin’s, and even the sides are good. Seems you’ll have an hour wait no matter what time you get there. We got there at 9:30 and were eating before 10:30 (they opened a little early). Also not a bad idea to order ahead. I would probably plan to do that next time. – Mindi A.

Simply wow. Definitely one of the best BBQ joints in the DFW Metroplex. – Jin C.

A hidden gem. If you’re looking for melt in your mouth brisket, beef ribs, delicious sausage. This is your spot. Prepare to wait in line but it’s well worth it. This is my second time coming to cattelack and everything is worth the price you pay.

The fatty brisket is so soft you don’t even need a knife. Skip the sauce because the brisket has all the flavor you need. Melt in your mouth. – Joe L.

The art of really great Que is alive and well here. Although its not open a whole lot of hours – its worth the wait in line! I had the Toddfather with mac n cheese n cheesy grits. So good with an add on of pimento cheese. They even had chunks of chedder available! I love that! If you get full before finishing there is paper n plastic bags in back. I will be returning! – Luis S.

This place is a hidden gem it’s absolutely amazing. It’s soo good. You don’t want to stop eating. – Roger B.

Best BBQ in Dallas. Full stop. I have yet to have more perfectly smoked brisket and sausage. Not only that but they provide free beer while waiting in line. Get there before 11 if you plan on enjoying their amazing BBQ. – James V.

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Best BBQ Location

Cattleack BBQ
13628 Gamma Rd
Dallas, TX 75244
(972) 805-0999
(Near the Galleria)

Hours for BBQ

Lunch and Take-Out
Thursdays 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Fridays 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
1st Saturdays Pits & Punch 9:00 am
1st Saturdays 10:00 am – 2:00 pm