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    Pre-order Information

    Select Meats - Be sure your order totals at least 5 lbs.

    Whole Briskets - $27.99/lb
    (Not sliced - Avg wt is 6 lbs)

    Beef Rib Slab - $29.99/lb
    (Avg wt is 4 lbs per slab of 3 ribs)

    Pork Rib Slab - $19.99/lb
    (Avg wt is 3 lbs per slab of approx. 12 ribs)

    Whole Turkey Breast - $24.00/lb
    (Avg wt is 4 lbs)

    Chopped Hog - $16.99/lb
    (5 lb bag)

    Individual Sausage, Mild - $5.50/link
    (Approx. 1/3 lb per link)

    Individual Sausage, Spicy - $5.50/link
    (Approx. 1/3 lb per link)

    Sides (Limit 3)

    Burnt End Beans - $15.99/qt

    Homemade Potato Salad - $15.99/qt

    Cole Slaw - $15.99/qt


    Crack Cake - $3.79/slice

    Private Reserve BBQ Sauce

    Private Reserve BBQ Sauce - $9.99/bottle

    PLEASE NOTE: Be sure your order totals at least 5 lbs. We will then call you to get a credit card number to confirm the order. Credit card will be charged for orders that are not picked up. All pre-orders are subject to pricing at the time of order pick up. By clicking the "Place Order" button, you agree to this.