We Are Celebrating Our 1 Year Anniversary


ToddDavid1 We Are Celebrating Our 1 Year AnniversaryFriday April 18 will mark our One-year anniversary since we opened our doors on Fridays for our take out service. We’d like to thank everyone who has visited our location and tried our barbecue.  A special thanks to all of those loyal fans who have returned repeatedly, and to the many that we see almost every single week.

We also want to take this opportunity to apologize to anyone that has visited and we have been out of what you wanted. Since smoking meat is a long and in many cases overnight process, we are limited to having only what we have prepared for that day available. With that said, rest assured that the quantities that we prepare are tweaked on a weekly basis. We strive to have all of your favorites all the way up to closing time.

One of the processes we added this first year is the option to call in advance (any day prior to service) to place orders for bulk meat of at least 5 pounds. This way you are guaranteed to get what you want, as well as go straight to the register and avoid any wait or line.

Ok, now for the big news:

On Friday April 25 we will celebrate our one-year anniversary. If you have been saving those cute little notes that we put into your bags each week, this is the one-day to bring them all back in with you to receive something special. If you have not been saving them, that’s ok too. We will have something special for you too!

We are also planning some remodeling to give us some more room. Don’t worry we wont miss any Fridays. Once we are done we will not have to work in such tight quarters, and we will also be adding some very limited seating. For those that want to find a seat while they eat, we will now have picnic benches both inside and outside!

Finally, to allow us to continue our goal of bringing you the pleasure of great barbecue, we will also be adding Thursdays to our take out service too. The starting date will be announced soon.

A Big “Thank You” everyone for this past year. We hope we have brought you as much pleasure as you have brought us.



Misty & Todd David



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